Callery’s services extend beyond our labs and plant capabilities. Callery strives to deliver a superior customer experience, whether you would like on-site training on the safe handling of our products, you have an inquiry about the best reducing agent for a reaction or need solubility data.  Our technical staff prides itself in building lasting relationships based on trust.  

For Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or product handling questions: Contact our Product Steward

For product specifications and certificates of analysis: Contact Customer Care

For reactivity, solubility and product selection questions: Contact R&D



Callery boasts a unique and impressive combination of capabilities that have been refined with decades of experience. Callery produces potassium metal and diborane.  Many of our products are manufactured from these 2 key compounds. In addition to our boranealkoxides, and alkali metal products, Callery’s capabilities extend to other highly reactive compounds including many organometallics. 

If you are looking for custom products, our technical personnel in R&D resources will take on your challenge to develop and pilot the process.  R&D works directly with production to support all of our large-scale manufacturing for a smooth transition to launch.  Callery welcomes your custom requests from grams to multi-ton scale.   Your business is important, Contact Us

Work with the Leading Borane & Alkoxide Experts

Our team can provide inorganic and organic reagents for manufacturing your pharmaceutical intermediates.  From reductions to deprotonations, let us help you choose the best reagent.

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