Product #: 300023

Eutectic mixture is 78 wt% K and 22 wt% Na

Formula Weight: 39.10 g/mol for K22.99 g/mol for Na
CAS #: 11135-81-2
EINECS: Not listed
Alkali Nak

0.866 g/ml at 21°C: 0.855 g/mL at 100°C

Melting Point


Boiling Point


Physical Properties
Physical Form
Silvery metallic liquid
Potassium and sodium are miscible in all portions. The alloy, in concentrations of 40-90 wt% K, is liquid at room temperature. Potassium-sodium alloy is not soluble in hydrocarbons or ethers.
Greater reactivity than solid alkali metals. Higher surface area of reactive metal. Easily applied to solid supports. For catalyzed reactions and isomerizations. Excellent catalyst for side-chain alkylation of aromatics. Reducing agent for inorganic and organic compounds.
Analysis Method
Base titration for potassium concentration.
Analytical Note
Vapor Pressure: 1 mm Hg at 355°CElectrical Conductivity: 40.7 microohm-cmThermal Conductivity: 0.232 W/cm at 100°C
Storage & Shipping
Shelf Life
Four years in unopened, original packaging. Based upon stability testing.
Storage / Stability
NaK reacts explosively with water to form hydrogen, potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. NaK reacts with air to form potassium superoxide (KO2), which can react explosively with organic materials. KO2 is a yellow solid.
  • Cylinder containing 500 g NaK
  • Cylinder containing 14 Kg NaK
  • Cylinder containing 90 Kg NaK
  • Cylinder containing 340 Kg NaK
  • UN1422, PGI, Hazard Class 4.3
  • Water-reactive
Safety & Service
Health & Safety

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Product Notes

High purity, liquid metal, non-corrosive to metals. Custom packaging and bulk quantities available.