Product #: 500024


Formula Weight: 99.97 g/mol
CAS #: 7397-46-8
EINECS: not listed
Boranes Mdeb

0.807 g/ml@25°C

Boiling Point

66°C for THF

Flash Point

-17.2 °C

Physical Properties
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Solubility MDEB is soluble in hydrocarbons and ethers
Preferred reagent for reduction of beta-hydroxy ketones to syn-alcohols. As a reagent to prepare aryl diethylborane compounds for Suzuki coupling.
Analysis Method
MDEB purity calculated by GC. Concentration of THF solution calculated by boron titration
Storage & Shipping
Shelf Life
Four years in unopened, original packaging. Based upon like compounds.
Storage / Stability
Neat methoxydiethylborane is a spontaneously combustible liquid. At concentrations less than 80wt% in THF, the solution is non-pyrophoric. Exposure to air will oxidize MDEB solutions to other borate materials. MDEB also reacts readily with atmospheric moisture upon exposure to air resulting in a decrease in purity.

Packaged in cylinders as 50 wt% in THF:

  • 900 mL, containing 0.5 Kg of MDEB as THF solution
  • 18 L, containing 14 Kg MDEB in THF solution
  • 90 L, containing 70 Kg MDEB in THF solution
  • 400 L, containing 310 Kg MDEB in THF solution

Shipping Information 50 wt% in THF:

  • UN2920, PGI, 8(3)
  • Corrosive liquid, flammable, n.o.s. (methoxydiethyl borane, tetrahydrofuran)
Safety & Service
Health & Safety

See product MSDS

Technical Service
Available for all Callery products. Please contact your local representative for more details.
Product Notes

Diastereodirecting reagent, non-corrosive to metals. Other concentrations in THF are available. Custom packaging and bulk quantities available.

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