Product #: 500001
(-)DPC/HEPTANES 60-65%


Formula Weight: 320.76 g/mol
CAS #: 85116-37-6
EINECS: Not Listed
Boranes Dpc
Melting Point

54 - 56 °C (neat DPC)

Boiling Point

98 °C

Flash Point

10.6 °C

Physical Properties
Physical Form
Liquid - Solution in Heptanes
Colorless to light yellow liquid
Hydrocarbons and dichloromethane
Efficiently reduces asymmetric ketones to chiral secondary alcohols.
Analysis Method
Chloride titration for concentration.
Storage & Shipping
Shelf Life
Six years in unopened, original packaging. Based upon stability testing.
Storage / Stability
DPC is susceptible to hydrolysis, readily reacting with atmospheric moisture or water in solvents resulting in evolution of hydrogen chloride. Oxidation by exposure to air gives borate compounds of pinanol which are not capable of reducing ketones.

Cylinders of the following sizes & content...

  • 900ml, containing 650 gm of DPC solution
  • 18 liter, containing 9.0 Kgs of active DPC
  • 90 liter, containing 46.0 Kgs of active DPC
  • 400 liter, containing 204 Kgs of active DPC

UN-2920, PGI Flammable liquid

Safety & Service
Health & Safety

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Technical Service
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