Borane complexes are versatile compounds commonly used as regio-, chemo- and stereoselective reducing agents for a variety of functional groups such as aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, amides and olefins. The high yields and simple isolation of the reduced products combined with the high selectivities achieved with borane reagents have made these compounds the preferred reducing agents for a number of applications. 

Chiral Reagents

Callery offers both enantiomers of methyl oxazaborolidine (MeCBS), the famous “Corey Catalyst”, and diisopinocampheylchloroborane (DPC) – two options for the enantioselective reduction of prochiral ketones. DPC is a reagent used in slight molar excess, while MeCBS is used in catalytic quantities along with second, non-chiral, borane source.  

Boranes Dpc
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CAS#: 85116-37-6
Boranes Dpc
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CAS#: 112246-73-8
Boranes Mecbs
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(R)-Methyl oxazaborolidine

CAS#: 112022-83-0
Boranes Smecbs
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(S)-Methyl oxazaborolidine

CAS#: 112022-81-8

Alkylboranes - Free Radical Sources

Alkylboranes are highly versatile products used in various industrial applications such as pharmaceuticals, polymers and more. In organic synthesis, triethylborane (TEB) and methoxydiethylborane (MDEB) have proven especially effective as diastereoselective-directing reagents to produce syn-diols from β-hydroxyketones

Boranes Mdeb
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CAS#: 7397-46-8
Boranes Teb
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CAS#: 97-94-9
Boranes Teb Dap
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Triethylborane-1,3-diaminopropane complex

CAS#: 148861-07-8
Boranes Teb Deta
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Triethylborane-diethylenetriamine complex

CAS#: 1187733-83-0
Boranes Tnbb Mopa
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Tri-n-butylborane-3-methoxy-1-propylamine complex

CAS#: 345269-15-0

Borohydride Reducing Agents

Alkali metal trialkylborohydrides have been used in numerous stereoselective and regioselective reductions. The strongest and least selective reducing is CalSelect® LT , while CalSelect® Na and CalSelect® Li are quite selective and reactive.   Calselect® STAB is a highly chemoselective reagent used in reductive amination reactions.

Boranes Calselect Li
CalSelect® Li
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Lithium tri-sec-butylborohydride

CAS#: 38721-52-7
Boranes Calselect Lt
CalSelect® LT
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Lithium triethylborohydride

CAS#: 22560-16-3
Boranes Calselect Na
CalSelect® Na
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Sodium tri-sec-butylborohydride

CAS#: 67276-04-4
Boranes Calselect Stab
CalSelect® STAB
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Sodium triacetoxyborohydride

CAS#: 56553-60-7

Borane Complexes (BH3 Complexes)

Borane complexes with THF, dimethylsulfide and N,N-diethylaniline, offer a convenient source of “BH3” for selective reduction of a variety of functional groups such as aldehydes, ketones, olefins, carboxylic acids, and amides. Callery’s other amine borane complexes are excellent options for reductions where aqueous, alcoholic or acidic solvents are used.  Borane complexes of other amines are available upon request.

Boranes Bthf
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Borane-tetrahydrofuran complex

CAS#: 14044-65-6
Boranes Deanb
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N, N-Diethylaniline borane

CAS#: 13289-97-9
Boranes Dmsb
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Dimethylsulfide borane

CAS#: 13292-87-0
Boranes Pemb
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5-Ethyl-2-methylpyridine borane

CAS#: 1014979-56-6
Boranes Teab
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Triethylamine borane

CAS#: 1722-26-5

Suzuki Coupling and other Specialty Boron Reagents

Boronic acids and esters have become very important building blocks in organic synthesis in for the Suzuki cross coupling reaction. Callery’s line of reagents for synthesis of Suzuki Coupling partners,  such as PinBH or 9-BBN enable reliable paths to your targeted boronic acids and boronate esters.  If you require custom boron-based reagents/intermediates, please call to discuss your needs. 

9 Bbn Callery Green
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CAS#: 280-64-8 monomer; 21205-91-4 dimer
Boranes Pinb
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CAS#: 25015-63-8
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Isopropyl Pinacol Borate


CAS#: 61676-62-8
Boranes Tmbx
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CAS#: 102-24-9