Alkali metal alkoxides (a.k.a. alcoholates) are moderately strong bases commonly used in elimination reactions and other reactions that require a selective deprotonation step including: alkylation, arylation, acylation, solvolysis of esters, condensation, elimination, isomerization, rearrangements, transfer hydrogenation, Wittig reactions, and redox reactions.  Callery’s alkoxide bases contain very low hydroxide content to help maximize yield and minimize by-products.  Visit our Knowledge Center for information on solubility of these bases in various solvents and selectivity in published reactions.  A wide range of nucleophilic (intermediates) and non-nucleophilic (reagent) alkoxides are available for your application.  Call for details.

Alkali Metal Alkoxides (Alcoholates)

In general, potassium reagents are kinetically faster than sodium or lithium reagents, thus improving reactor space-time yields.

Alcoholate Kdmo
Available as: (click for details):

 - Potassium 3,7-dimethyl-3-octylate

 - Potassium 3,7-dimethyl-3-octanoxide

CAS#: 263148-42-1
Alcoholate Ke
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium Ethoxide

- Potassium Ethylate

CAS#: 917-58-8
Alcoholate Kip
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium isopropoxide

- Potassium isopropylate

CAS#: 6831-82-9
Alcoholate Kta
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium t-amylate

- Potassium t-amyloxide

- Potassium t-pentoxide 

CAS#: 41233-93-6
Alcoholate Ktb
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium t-butoxide

- Potassium t-butylate

CAS#: 865-47-4
Alcoholate Sodium Mentholate
Sodium mentholate
Available as: (click for details):

- Sodium 2-(isopropyl)-5-methylcyclohexylate

- Sodium 2-(2'-propyl)-5-methylcyclohexane

CAS#: 19321-38-1
Alcoholate Sta
Available as: (click for details):

- Sodium t-amylate

- Sodium t-amyloxide

- Sodium t-pentoxide

CAS#: 11593-46-5
Alcoholate Stb
Available as: (click for details):

- Sodium t-butoxide

- Sodium t-butylate

CAS#: 865-48-5

Alkali Metal Amides

Our alkali metal amides are strong, non-nucleophilic bases, that are useful in a wide variety of chemical reactions and transformations. Applications include alkylation, acylation, ring formation, isomerization, rearrangements, aldol condensations, Wittig and Horner-Emmons reactions and polymerization. Their high selectivity and specificity can drive the reaction to completion, leading to simpler, less expensive purification routes to your desired product.

Alcoholate Khmds
Available as: (click for details):

Potassium hexamethyldisilazide

Potassium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide

CAS#: 40949-94-8
Alcoholate Lihmds
Available as: (click for details):

Lithium hexamethyldisilazide

Lithium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide

CAS#: 4039-32-1
Alcoholate Nahmds
Available as: (click for details):

Sodium hexamethyldisilazide

Sodium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide

CAS#: 1070-89-9
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