Product #: 300009


Formula Weight: 112.21 g/mol
CAS #: 865-47-4
EINECS: 212-740-3
Alcoholate Ktb

0.813 g/cc (Bulk density)

Melting Point

272-278 °C, with decomposition

Physical Properties
Physical Form
Solid (Powder)
Solid, white to off white powder.
K-tert.-Butylate (KTB) is soluble in tetrahydrofuran, alcohols, pyridine and slightly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and other ethers.
Sterically hindered, non-nucleophilic base appropriate for selective deprotonation chemistries including Wittig, enolate, cyclocondensation, and dehydrohalogenation.
Analysis Method
Purity based upon titration. Hydroxide/carbonate based upon Modified Karl Fisher.
Storage & Shipping
Shelf Life
Two years in unopened, original packaging. Based upon stability testing.
Storage / Stability
Reacts with water and carbon dioxide in air; t-butanol is liberated from reaction with water causing a cloudy solution. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame.
  • 8 oz. glass bottle containing 100 g
  • 32 oz glass bottle containing 500 g
  • 5 gallon pail, containing 10 Kg
  • 30 gallon drum, containing 50 Kg (50 Kg bulk or 5 x 10 Kg bags)
  • 30 gallon drum, containing 60 Kg (6 x 10 Kg bags)
  • UN2921, PGI, 8(4.1)
  • Corrosive solid, flammable, n.o.s. (contains: potassium t-butanolate)
Safety & Service
Health & Safety

See product MSDS

Technical Service
Available for all Callery products. Please contact your local representative for more details.
Product Notes

Low hydroxide content, non-corrosive to metals, custom packaging available as well as bulk quantities.