BASF Inorganic Specialties Divestiture Creates New Business, Callery

March 09, 2017

by Andy Fritts

Type: News Releases

The newly established, stand-alone entity is based on a tradition of excellence in highly reactive compounds

Evans City, Pennsylvania – March 9, 2017. Today we are proud to announce the creation of Callery, LLC as the new stand-alone entity born from BASF’s divestment of its Inorganic Specialties business. The divestiture was facilitated by Edgewater Capital in combination with the Callery management team. Callery is a global leader in highly reactive chemistries, supplying products to the pharmaceutical, fine, and specialty chemical arenas.  

The company’s products have enabled some of the world’s most impressive innovations, including billion-dollar blockbuster drugs, agro chemicals, and other high performance products from electronics to polymer applications.

Bob Girton, member of Callery’s Board of Directors, said: “We are grateful for all of the hard work by the transition team over the last several months for helping us carve out the Callery business from BASF with minimal impact on our customers. We are excited to join them in taking Callery to its next level of success and build on the business’ commitment to environmental health and safety, a high level of product quality, and industry leading reagent and organometallic technology.” 

Callery’s current product portfolio includes a range of Specialty Alkoxide bases & Borane derivatives, as well as a variety of custom products based on the company’s core competency in the handling of highly reactive compounds. Callery’s world-class facility includes R&D labs, pilot plant, large scale production facilities and all knowledge associated with existing and developmental products. 

Soon, Callery will be announcing its new management team to lead the company in its ongoing development of new products that enable customer success.

About Callery Callery, formerly BASF’s Inorganic Specialties Business, is the world’s leading expert in alkoxide bases, borane derivatives, and other highly reactive chemistries. Headquartered in Evans City, Pennsylvania, Callery prides itself in enabling its customers’ success with world-class innovators, unmatched quality, flexible production options, outstanding customer service, and global supply chain management. Callery’s products enable some of the world’s most successful innovations from billion-dollar blockbuster drugs to next-generation OLEDs. How can Callery’s capabilities enable your next big innovation? Further information at