Alkali Metals

Sodium-Potassium Alloy (NaK) can activate benzylic hydrogens of toluene for coupling to olefins and facilitate isomerization and coupling reactions of various other unsaturated hydrocarbons.  While NaK is supplied as a liquid metal, it is typically dispersed on a carbonate support to maximize surface area of the insoluble metal.  Potassium metal is also available (m.p. 63.5 °C) for similar applications.   Potassium superoxide (KO2) is a chemical oxygen source in closed-system breathing apparatus (“rebreather”).  KO2 is a reactive fine yellow powder that quickly reacts with CO2 and humidity to release molecular oxygen (O2).

Alkali K
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium metal

- Kalium metal

CAS#: 7440-09-7
Alkali Ko2
Available as: (click for details):

- Potassium Superoxide

- Uncatalyzed KO2

CAS#: 12030-88-5
Alkali Nak
Available as: (click for details):

- Sodium Potassium Alloy

- Sodium Potassium Eutectic Alloy

CAS#: 11135-81-2