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Journal Aryl Boronates Full
Aryl Boronates from Bis(pinacolato) Diboron and Pinacolborane

Bis(pinacolato)diboron and pinacolborane are especially effective for the preparation of boronate reagents containing a diverse set of functional groups. This article will discuss the various aspects of optimizing the borylation reaction.

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Journal Safe Handling Of Boranes Full
Safe Handling of Boranes at Scale

The safe handling of borane complexes and alkylboranes (trialkylboranes, dialkylboranes, and trialkylborohydride reagents) and related workup issues are addressed. Oxidation of alkylboranes and quenching of reaction mixtures to safely decompose the reagent or products are discussed. 

Journal Boron Reagents For Reductive Amination Full
Boron Reagents for Reductive Amination

Two classes of boron compounds, amine boranes and sodium triacyloxyborohydride are very effective reagents for reductive animations. The mildness of the reduction spares functional groups susceptible to hydrogenation or harsh reduction conditions of other reagents. 

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Journal Reductive Amination Full
Reductive Amination with 5-Ethyl-2-Methylpyridine Borane

We report a new amine borane, 5-ethyl-2-methylpyridine borane complex (PEMB) useful for reductive animations of ketones and aldehydes in methanol or neat. Two of the three hydrides on PEMB are effectively utilized maximizing the economy of the reagent.

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